January 7, 2008

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I had trouble with spam so I deleted this entry and it seems to have stopped the spam. I was getting a few hundred spam comments. I am posting an earlier entry.

Frst day of 2008

I prepared for the fireworks by putting a little throw rug under the bed for Danny Boy. I took him out at 9:30 to do his business but no sooner got out the door when someone set off firecrackers. Poor Danny made a beeline back for the house. I tried to carry him out to the bush for I know he had to go. He wanted no parts of being anywhere but under the bed. He came out from under the bed about 11:50 and I knew he’d be running back under in ten minutes. Poor little guy, he spent most of the night under the bed.

Things seemed to come together yesterday. The boss was in most of the day. Part of my lack of training is that he has not been well and has not been in the office. He has a heart problem, had a procedure done and then got pneumonia. He tried to help form home as much as he could. He feels bad that I have been set adrift on my own. Sonia is also back and Kristina the high school girl worked all day, as she didn’t have school. She got the file drawers ready for 2008. The new lady, Rita, is working out well. She was able to help with coding the A/P. That is a time consuming job and the person who did it before Sonia, did not know what she was doing. The boss and his daughter were able to help me with the journal entries. I was afraid I could not go back into Oct and fix the problem but I can. I got things ready and will fix it on Thursday. Wednesday, will be the challenge of payroll. As soon as the new girls are comfortable with their jobs, I’ll train them to do payroll.

At lunchtime, I took Ted’s server to the hardware dealer. The tech who greeted me sounded optimistic. I hope it is a simple problem and my data can be saved. If not, I’ll have to do the year-end stuff manually. It shouldn’t be too bad; we only worked one month in 2007. There are other transactions through out the year but just a few.

It is really dark for 7:30am. It is cloudy but not raining. The clouds are starting to break up. It’s funny how the clouds can make it so dark.

I got one of my VCR’s to work and recorded the program I wanted. I don’t know how it worked but it did. I had set it on the quarter timer to record the rest of a movie I was watching and it set itself to go off and record the other program. Now I don’t know if I can repeat the process. I still have to figure out how to hook up the new DVD/VCR. I can run it threw the old VCR but it’s old and doesn’t have enough jack outlets for both the TV and the new unit.

I guess I have to start back on my plan to move to PA, DE or MD. Delaware is less expensive and the taxes are lower. My nephew lives there and only 10 minutes from my niece but I’d be 40 minutes away from my brothers with I 95 traffic. I will keep getting my house ready to sell. It still needs some things done to make it presentable. Going through my stuff is one of the things but it needs a new kitchen exhaust fan, the bar-b-que grill needs fixing and this computer room needs painting. K-Mart is having a sale on plastic shelving that would work well in the garage. That will get my boxes of stuff up off the floor. I started putting my personal photos back on the wall. I’ll be here for about two more years so I want my personal stuff back in my home.

I still need to go through Ted’s clothes. I gave the men in my family each a tie and left some with my Aunt to give to my cousins. It was nice to visit her on Christmas Eve. I usually didn’t get to see her until after Christmas. None of my cousins were there though. They were coming for dinner on Christmas. Some live far away and were not coming this year. They may be in this week. We spent many years of Christmases together. Anyway, Ted had a lot of ties so I’ll send some to his family. It is a difficult task to go through his clothes. I’ll take my time with it.

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