January 9, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I worked some more on my puzzle. I get a few pieces but it takes so long searching and trying all the different pieces. I guess I'll do a few a day. I took my morning walk and went to Bible Study Class. When I got home, I had some soup for lunch and did a load of wash. I put some of the Christmas things in a box. I'm not ready to tear the shed apart, get out the containers, bring them into the house and put the mower back into the shed.

I fixed a couple things. I got out the glue and glued the handle to my letter opener. It was always coming unscrewed. We'll see if it holds.

This evening, I went to the Verizon class for how to use my Android Tablet. It's amazing what all it can do. I don't know how anyone could understand all the applications it offers.

I watched the Guns of the Magnificent Seven. It looks like I missed The Return of the Magnificent Seven. Maybe it will be shown again. They are having a marathon of the 4 Magnificent Seven movies. I saw the first on the weekend. Maybe the second one was last night. I'll have to go online and look at the schedule to see if it will be on again.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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