Comments: Friday, October 12, 2007

Hi Karol,

There are always two sides to everything it seems. Computers can be such a great addition to work and personal lives, but, on the other hand, they often don't allow you to edit or make changes on certain documents for some unanswered reason. I'm so sad that your day was so lousy. The fact that you had to fire two girls so soon after becoming a part of this company was horrendous for you. However, you probably received good advice from the attorney as perhaps the two girls would have begun a lawsuit against each other and possibly the company. Crummy stuff that's for sure. Working is a two-sided coin, the paychecks are so much appreciated, but great responsibility comes along with the check. My last working position caused me horrendous headaches and heartaches. However, by continuing to work through the tough times allowed me to accumulate the number of years I needed to collect a better retirement. A bittersweet situation to be sure.

You are surely right about Danny Boy and his clever little mind. He's truly a smart little pup and uses his smarts wisely. What a great place for him and you too at this time in your life.

My sister is home again dealing with the paralysis she has as a result of the spinal column tumor. However, as you well know, she is soon to face the terrible rigors of chemo and radiation and possible surgery. She's doing so well emotionally - I don't know how she is staying so positive, but, she has a great deal of love for others and for our Lord. There are so many that are keeping her and her paraplegic husband in their prayers and we all feel the prayers are truly providing for her. Thanks Karol for remembering her also. It is so appreciated.

Hoping you have a restful and good weekend. Do something to try and shed some of that emotional baggage that ganged up on you last week. Enjoy and relax. In friendship and caring, Ruth

Posted by Ruth at October 13, 2007 11:23 AM