Comments: Friday Flowerblogging

Hi Karol,

The picture Ted took of the color in your yard is so lovely. It would be nice to see the comparison of color between 2005 and 2007. Your yard is simply gorgeous with such beauty. I surely love that you are able to share such loveliness with us.

My sister is home again from a return trip to the hospital for blood clots in both legs. She now begins to face the painful endurance of radiation and chemotherapy. It sure is heartbreaking to see her having to endure all of this. She is beginning to feel the ravages of pain, and is somewhat weakened already. It is so difficult to see my "baby" sister going through this nightmare.

Wishing you an enjoyable and restful weekend. Your Battle Creek friend, Ruth

Posted by Ruth at October 20, 2007 9:43 AM

Thank you, Ruth,

I will keep your sister in my prayers. I know only too well what you are going through and I can only guess what your sister is going through.

Love from your Vineland Friend,


Posted by Karol at October 20, 2007 11:14 AM