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Hello Karol,

We also have a Bradford Pear tree and don't they get beautiful in the fall? They hold their leaves a long time though and so we can't get them cleaned up before the snow covers the ground. So, they lay there until spring and then they are rotted and nasty and difficult to pick up. I guess what I'm saying is, they are much more gorgeous when they're on the tree than when they are mixed in with the snow and rain. Ted's photo is proof positive they're beautiful when their leaves change.

My sister is doing a little bit better right at the moment. She has a PT that comes to the house twice a week, and her walking is definitely improving. When the surgeon came to talk with us just after he did the biopsy (he had to open the spinal column and remove as much cancer as he could for the biopsy, he told us his belief was that she would be completely paralyzed. She is surely surprising everyone and she can even take a few steps now without her walker. That seems to be almost a miracle according to everyone in the medical world. It really helps to make her life so much better than if she had been totally paralyzed. The oncologist was thrilled to hear that she is walking better because he attributes it to the spinal tumor shrinking and some of the nerve endings are trying to repair themselves. We'll take it whatever the reason. Everything good is a reason to thank God. Of course, she still has a long battle ahead, but, we're taking it one day at a time.

I bet Danny did wonder where his Mom was. He doesn't usually make messes anymore and he probably didn't like that either. It is tough when you ride with someone else and their schedule is different than yours. I usually try to drive myself for just that reason. Every couple of months, the ladies I worked with get together for dinner. And, while it would be easier to just have someone pick me up, I have found that they almost always choose to stay later than me. So, I go early and find a handicapped parking place and then I can leave when I want to.

Well, it's TGIF Day and I hope you can rest a little and enjoy your weekend. I have to admit though, this usually isn't the time of the year when you can plan on quiet and relaxing weekends. There is always so much to be done.

Well, I'll wish a nice time of relaxation for you Karol and I'll be thinking of you as always. Ruth

Posted by Ruth at December 7, 2007 9:16 PM


I'm glad to hear your sister is doing a little better. I will continue to pray for her.


Posted by Karol at December 8, 2007 8:57 PM