Comments: Friday Flowerblogging

Hi Karol,

I'm so sorry you have the worry about the IRS. I'm sure everything will eventually get straightened out. But as you said, with someone hand delivering the envelope, it was bound to be pretty upsetting. Why does yukky stuff have to happen? We'll never figure that one out will we?

We haven't seen Betsey in the Water Polo yet. We keep trying, but, they're forever showing soething else. Of course, all the events are exciting to see, especially if USA is participating. I sure hope they beat Russia. Isn't it just amazing that your niece is playing in the Olympics? Pretty cool!!!

Enjoy the weekend and your gorgeous yard and Danny. Sending you all my best. Ruth

Posted by Ruth at August 16, 2008 3:50 PM

Dear Karol, It's always upsetting when you miss someone important. Or think you have. It was just a government worker. Try not to stress over it. If it didn't have a note with a person to contact don't waste your time worring. If it did have a person to contact. Lots of luck. It can wait another six months. Just make sure you keep a record of trying to contact them. Especially with the same information for the umpteenth time. Owen had this problem and it took over two years to straighten out. We were in the right and it finally took a trainee who took it to his top boss to get it fixed. We had gone through Atlantia, Oregon, Calif., and Pa.along with Va. So don't stress over it. Enjoy the beautiful weather. Oh and by the way if it's because they owe you money. Ask for interest. Thinking about you and hoping you have a wonderful vacation with your brother in Calif. after the olymphics. Affectionately, Cheryl

Posted by at August 16, 2008 4:07 PM