Comments: Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hi Karol,

I wrote to you yesterday, but, I don't think it reached you for some reason. So, I'll try again today. Spring is coming, I'm seeing and hearing lots of robins, and we are hearing the cranes from a lake that is near our home. We have a large pond in our park, and we used to have two swans, but, we only have one left now. But, either he or she is very private with its pond. The geese stop by once in awhile and our swan will chase them away immediately. The swan will let small ducks swim in the pond for short periods of time. Anyway, they are all signs of spring. This is absoltely the most difficult season to wait for. We're all so done with winter and so hungry for sunshine and warmth. It always comes, but, it does try our patience.

You are a wonderful, niece, cousin, friend and so much more. You have a kind and caring heart and are helpful to so many. God is surely pleased with your good works. It isn't what will get us to Heaven, but, he is always pleased when we show love and care for others, as you do. Only the grace of God will save us and offer us salvation. Thank you Jesus.

I, as your friend Phyllis, who is traveling to different parks, had to feel slghtly amazed to hear that they nearly always mention their storm shelters as a perk. Maybe that's a good idea. It does seem that earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc. in different parts of the world are so devastating. When you read Revelations, is this part of the prophesies that are spoken of? Are we drawing nearer to the Rapture and that of Jesus' return? Can't help but think about this.

Also, I wanted to mention a book that is newly published that is written by a Pastor Rob Bell. Beware of his new way of thinking. He has a very large congregation of 10,000 in a Grand Rapids, MI church, and he has lost his way. He is doing national interviews, and touting his book with his terribly deranged thoughts, that there is no hell!! Has he abandoned all of his learning and teaching? It would apear he has. Does he actually believe Jesus died on the cross in vain? I know that isn't true. Sin has its consequences and it is all shown in scripture. I mention this because every now and then a pastor comes along with the thought that they are greater than God's word. And, I fear how many people will read this and think it valid because, after all, this is written by a pastor of a large congregation. He surely must know what he's doing!! NOT!! Sadly, he has lost his way. Our pastor's scriptually-based message last Sunday was powerful in rebutting this dangerous message. I mention this because I think we all need to trust in The Word and not be drawn away by flash-in-the pan pastors that begin to get caught up in the money and press they are receiving. Dangerous business indeed!

Again, I just want to remind you of what a wonderful friend you are to so many. Love, Ruth

Posted by Ruth at March 30, 2011 2:03 PM