Comments: Friday Flower Bloggin'

Hello my dear, I really loved the photo of the church in San Francisco - it is very lovely. I don't know how many times Marilyn Monroe was married. And, how lovely is the picture of the barn that was on Ted and Phylis' farm. Whoever owns it now is taking good care of it and that is always nice to see. Barns are beautiful if they are well taken care of.

As I was leaving my Bible Study class on Tuesday (9/13), I had lifted the gate at the back of the van and the next thing I knew I was flying backward through the air. Possibly the lift touced my walker and I must have had my hand on the walker and I began spiraling backward. I landed about 4 ft. from my van. I was so terrified when I realized I was going to hit on the blacktop. I had many of the women from the Bible Study there to help, plus the Pastor came and helped too. I've had x-rays and nothing is broken. It is truly a miracle that I didn't get hurt worse. The Lord must have thrown a soft comforter down for me to land on. It didn't feel that way at first, but, when I think of what might have happened, I know I am so blessed. I am still having a lot of pain and that is just going to take time to heal. Even my eyes were bloodshot the next day, probably from the actual hard landing. Every bone in my body hurts. But, thankfully I am healing as I write this.

You sure have been working hard at quite a few different things. You are surely a blessing to so many Karol. Love, Ruth

Posted by Ruth at September 17, 2011 5:04 PM