As P.B. Shelley wrote - "Can Spring be far behind?" Don't we wish we knew if we were going to have a short and mild winter OR are we going to have to wait a long time. Quite honestly, we haven't really had a hard winter, so I shouldn't complain. A week or so ago, the golf courses were open and we know several of the guys played. But, they wouldn't let carts out on the course because of the soft ground. Without a cart, Dave can no longer play golf. His Emphysema just doesn't allow him to walk that far, especially up and down the hills on a golf course. He has a great new snowblower and he just said, he's only had to use it twice so far this year.

I was surprised to hear you say that you were having oncrete poured. It must be quite a bit warmer there than here. At least I don't think it can be poured when its this cold. There may be something new they can do even when it isn't too warm outside. You sure are fixing up your home and property so nicely, it will be the premiere home in your community. Great work for sure.

Well, I haven't been home from my bible study class very long and all of a sudden, I feel a nap coming on. One of the joys of retirement. Aahhh!

Posted by Ruth at January 24, 2012 5:46 PM