Hi Karol,

I was glad to read that the lovely church building isn't standing empty. It probably makes a lovely place to work.

I laughed that Danny just rebelled when he wanted to go out the front door instead of the back door. Why in the world do you suppose he cared which door you were going out? Wouldn't it be interesting to know his reason. However, when I think back to my children, they did things like that too. There would be no good reason for them to want to come in the front door rather than the back, but, they would usually cry when I told them they would have to come around. Makes us wonder why they do these things! Of course, you and I don't have any strange habits - right???

Our temps haven't been too bad the last couple of days, but, I don't think the crocus would dare bloom now. Our entire winter thus far has been a few fairly warm days and then it snows for a day or two. Very strange winter as far as the weather goes. We like it. It's great when we don't have to get all bundled up.

Our granddaughter Libby who is in the 9th grade, plays basketball. She was knocked down somehow and suffered from a concussion. It made us worry about her because she has had headaches and vomiting. The doc says she will be better in a few days. Now, she wants to play again tomorrow night after school. She has to get a release from the doctor and we're okay with him making the decision if she is ready or not. We'll know this evening what the doc said.

How nice the deck will be for Danny to have more time outside. And, the deck will be so enjoyable for you too. You've really improved your property. It's great Ruth

Posted by Ruth at February 1, 2012 3:33 PM