Comments: Friday Flower Bloggin'

Your Iris is beautiful. I have a couple pf friends that have all kinds of Iris. I brought 3 with me but opeted to wait until next year before getting anymore. I need to figure where I want to put them etc. My lower beds that I can see from my living room windows were full of weeds. I finaly got most of them cleaned out but still have to do the back sides. Sure miss my camera. Will have to get another. The peonies down there are a burgandy red and a white. Have a coule of pink on the north side of the garage where only the neighbors can see them. Will move them some time this summer. So far only planting preneals.
Monday was Suzanne's 30th birthday. Her divorce is final and John didn't give here any trouble.


Posted by Mother at June 1, 2012 9:07 PM