Comments: Friday Flower Bloggin'

Hi Karol, Sure sounds like you had a nice trip. I know Danny was happy to have you back. He is very attached to you (and that is very sweet). He probably just cannot begin to understand why you have to go away sometimes. As you mentioned, you are Danny's mama and he doesn't want his mama to leave him.

The picture you posted today of the Queen Anne's lace is absolutely gorgeous! As pretty as any flower. Something that lovely should not be categorized as a weed. God made almost all things lovely in some way. However, I still have to question snakes - I see absolutely no need for them - they seem so unnecessary and scary.

Glad you're back home safely and reunited with your baby Danny Boy. Love, Ruth

Posted by Ruth at June 29, 2012 5:36 PM

Snakes do eat bugs. I see no need for misquitoes, flys, stink bugs or Japanese Beetles. I guess there are a few others I left out. I guess the birds feed on the bugs, also. So I guess they have a purpose.

Posted by Karol at June 30, 2012 10:14 PM