Comments: Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hi Karol, You are a TRUE servant of God. I surely understand how very difficult it was to have your guest for as long as you did, but, you were gracious and included her in many things you did. Which makes you a wonderful servant of the Lord. And, having your guest for so long is just one of the many things you do to help others. We are to build up our treasures in Heaven and you work will be viewed by God as "treasures in Heaven".

I know it must feel just wonderful to have "your home" back decorated as you like it. Great news!

It is just so wonderful to have the privilege of going to the altar to stand with those who are facing difficult times. It is a powerful gift to us as well ss to the person we stand with. And, I surely understqnd how your heart must ache thinking of your dear husband and many other friends and family. I so wish you didn't have this deep pain to think about. Only the strength that God has given you has made you strong and vital.

Hoping you have a nice Labor Day. Love, Ruth

Posted by Ruth at September 3, 2012 1:22 PM