Comments: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hi Karol, I'm so happy to hear that you are going to give Sparky the best home he ever thought possible. He is truly a "lucky dog". On the other hand, he is going to make your life richer because the two of you will become the best of friends. It does look like he has been trimmed pretty short so I hope Danny's sweater fits him. I am really really happy for you Karol and for Sparky!!!

I also understand your sorrow when you come across anything that reminds you of Ted. We understand because we have to deal with those same issues concerning our daughter Andrea. I understand that raw feeling of pain you experience when you are having to shred the business papers. Deep grief goes on and on and on it seems. However, I am so proud of you and your strength. You have chosen to live instead of mourning everyday. This is exactly what Ted would have wanted for you.

Again, let me say how very happy I am for you and Sparky. He'll soon be in a truly good and happy home. Love you Karol, Ruth

Posted by Ruth at January 23, 2013 2:33 PM