Hi Karol, The picture of the St. Mary Anne's Church is so lovely. All the history surrounding the church and all of the hundreds of people that have been a part of the stories surrounding a church this old would be fascinating to hear. A beautiful setting and what a peaceful looking place to be laid to rest.

I am finding the running that it takes to file for death benefits, social security, change accounts, etc. is like having a 40 hr. a week job. I have felt glad for a couple of weeks now that the weekends had arrived so I didn't have to go out to take care of more "stuff". It is very hard on my body (and my soul).

I have gone to church for the last two Sundays. While I love going, David has done so much work at our church and I feel him everywhere which is still making me come to tears. A dear lady at church said to me today that she understood my tears. She said you were madly in love with David and this is going to take time and not to worry about becoming emotional. All so very true. David was my great love and I miss him in so many ways.

It has become very hot and humid again in our area. It's hard to spend much time outside. I am glad that David and I began to cut way back on flowers and plants a couple of years ago when his health condition began to worsen. He said it was so hard for him to bend over, etc. I encouraged him to not do anything any longer that caused him added stress. I'm so glad I did that for him. This is very tough to get through as you know so well. Love you Karol, Ruth

Posted by Ruth at July 20, 2014 9:27 PM