July 1, 2003

I Got A Ticket

I'm driving to a client site. I stop at the stop sign and then continue on. I go through my usual shift pattern, 1-2-3-5. As I do I notice a COP car parked in what looks like someone's driveway.

A thought passes through my mind, "I wonder what he's doing there? Maybe he's taking a lunch break." A quarter mile down the road, I turn into the client's parking lot. As I turn off the engine and start to get out, the police car pulls up behind me with his lights flashing. I'm thinking, "I wonder why he's here."

I step out of my car as he does and we meet halfway. He introduces himself and ask to see my license, owner's card and insurance card. He also announces I was doing 48 mph and the speed limit on the road is 35 mph.

Now I know why he's here - it's for me! Arrgghh! He goes back to his car while I finish entering my time into my logbook and getting my attaché case out of the car.

He motions me back to his vehicle. He tells me that the speeding ticket will be two points on my driver's license. He then says, "Were you wearing your seat belt?"

I respond, "I always wear my seat belt." He then says, "Let me explain. If I give you a ticket for speeding it's two points on your driver's license. If I give you a ticket for not wearing your seat belt, there are no points on your license. Let me ask you again, we're you wearing your seat belt?"

The light bulb goes on in my mind. "No, I was not wearing my seat belt", I answer. "Very well", he says and continues to right.

We chat while he does his thing. He asks if I'm a salesperson and I tell him I'm a geek consultant. He says his brother is a geek and works in Cherry Hill. He tells me the people in the neighborhood have been complaining about how fast people drive on this road, and he has write a lot of tickets.

He finished his paper work and hands me the ticket. He bids me goodbye and drives away. I walk into the building with very mixed feelings. I could have been worse, but it's still going to cost me $42!

Posted by Ted at July 1, 2003 7:56 PM