Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Flower Bloggin'


My cyclamen is blooming. The flowers come up first and the leaves come up later and stay until next summer. It is a nice fall bloomer.

I had a busy week. Choral practice started for our Christmas program and choir practice has started. I had a finance meeting at the church on Monday. I have been doing a lot of weeding; I'm getting my shrubs and plants ready for winter. Have much more to do. I miss my morning walks. Alice drives a school bus and has a very busy schedule this year. She has the kindergarten kids so has to pick them up at noon and then go back to get the middle and high school at 2:30 and then the elementary kids at 3:30. She starts to pick them up at 7:00 and 8:00. It makes for a long day. One of the drivers is in the hospital and the others have to cover for him.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Steeple Chasin'


This little church is somewhere in or near Mauricetown, NJ. It was taken when Don and I were on the NJ Lighthouse tour.

I stayed at Don's overnight as we got home from the concert late. I went to the Holmes Presbyterian Church and talked with many of my mother's friends. The church has their library dedicated and named after my mother. I was sitting under a large photo of my mother and a man said, "My goodness, you look a lot like your Mother."

After church, Don and I took Sparky for a long walk around the Holmes area. The town has changed since I was a kid. Many of the big, grand old houses are gone and replaced by either apartments or duplexes. It made me feel sad because I remember the people who used to live in them. Even the old railroad station has apartments on the land next to the tracks. They remind me of the song, "The railroad comes thru the middle of the house." When the freight trains come roaring through, it must feel like that. I don't know who would want to live there.

In the late afternoon, we went to see my cousin, Scott. He and his friend, Joe were performing at a little place at the Ridley Twp. Marina on the Darby Creek Scott and Joe dedicated "Sweet Caroline" to me. We had a nice time. The place is called A Taste of Key West. It is mostly outdoors next to the water. It has a sandy beach floor and tables with colorful umbrellas. A statue of Humphey Bogart greets you at the door.

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I went to see the British Invasion Concert.

L to R: Jeremy, Chad, a band member, Terry Sylvester, Denny Lane, and Billy J. Kramer. The photo was taken by my brother, Don. I haven't downloaded mine yet.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Flower Bloggin'


Friday already. I had a busy week. I had a meeting at the church with the Finance Committee on Monday, a covered dish dinner with the Choral Society on Tuesday, and choir practice at the church on Thursday. I have been weeding my flower gardens. It seems that chore never ends.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday, September 7. 2014

I went to church this morning. My young friend, Britney sang a solo for the special. She did an excellent job.

I was getting ready to make my lunch when my niece called and invited me to go out on their boat. It had been windy earlier so they decided to go at the last minute. It was a beautiful day on the water. Cheryl got some subs and off we went. It was low tide and the water was very shallow. We couldn't get very close to the shore and where we did anchor the back of the pontoons were resting on the sand. We had to push the boat to deeper water which wasn't much deeper. We floated around on floats in knee deep water. I think the rain storm on Saturday washed sand from the bank into the river. All the boats anchored in the cove had to push their boats into deeper water.

The water was a very warm 83 degrees. Cheryl put her beach chair in the water and could sit in it. Ethan was able to stand in the water which he liked after he figured out he could touch the bottom. He was able to walk around in the water and walk to the beach where he built sand castles and enjoyed knocking them down.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Steeple Chasin"


I took this photo of the North Wildwood United Methodist Church when I stayed in Wildwood Crest for the Small Family Reunion in 2012. The Crest also had a Methodist Church that was two blocks from the motel I was staying at. My cousin and I went to the WW Crest UMC.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

I didn't do much today. I awoke to the dog throwing up on the bed at 4:10am. I had to wash the covers and get them out on the line. It was terribly hot and I just stayed in the air conditioned house. Thunderstorms came in the afternoon. My family was trying to call me but it seems my land line is out. They were able to get through on my cell phone. I have the phone through the cable company so will have to call them on Monday. The cable seems OK as I have the use of my computer and TV. Perhaps a mouse or something got under the house and chewed the wires.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Flower Bloggin'


My butterfly was full of butterflies this year. Although this butterfly is orange, it has brown at the center of it's wings. Photos of monarchs and viceroys do not have the brown. Perhaps there is a lot of variation.

Ah! I found it; it's an American Painted Lady Butterfly also known as Hunter's Butterfly.

Yesterday, I was on my computer for it seemed like hours. I was going through photos and posting on Facebook. I did some work at the church and came home to rest. My back is still sore. I'll go back to the Chiropractor today to make sure the nerve is not still pinched. It may be sore from having the pinched nerve.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I was glad to hear from Sharon and to know she still reads my blog. I think of you and Carl and the children. They must be getting pretty big now. Twinnies is still there. I haven't been there but I see it when I go past. My friend from church owns Baker's or rather his family does. He turned it over to his sons. They make a delicious cream of crab soup and the crab cakes aren't bad either. Tucker, my friend from Baker's plays the banjo with a blue grass band. We had a special combined service with traditional and contemporary group and the band played Christian Bluegrass music followed by the church picnic. It was a fun time. Once a month the group plays at Baker's. I'll have to go next time. I didn't think I'd like bluegrass but enjoyed the service.

My old computer crashed and I lost all my email addresses. I may have Carl's around somewhere so when I dig it out, I'll email him and get yours. Don't post it here because hackers are always looking at my blog. I have managed to fool them by changing how I do my posts but they could catch on at anytime.

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I went to Bible Study this morning. I got a prayer shawl that the ladies of the church made. I am going to send it to my dear friend, Ruth. She had been the biggest supporter of my blog. Ted and I would hear from her almost every day with words of encouragement, comfort and support. Now Ruth's health is deteriorating and I feel so helpless. I wish I had the knowledge to write encouraging words like she wrote to us. She lives to far away for me to visit so I thought of the prayer shawl. There were 10 of us in the Bible Study today and we all held a part of the shawl and each of us prayed for Ruth. I will get it off to her tomorrow.

I opened the door this afternoon and Sparky almost knocked me over running out the door. It's a good thing the gate was closed as there were two German Sheppard dogs on the loose in the back yard. The park manager had called the owner down the road. She had been looking for them for two hours. There were adults and children trying to catch the dogs. I circled around in back of my shed and chased it toward it's owner.

They are the dogs I hear barking at night when I go into the back yard. I call them the Hounds of the Baskerville.

Never a dull moment around here.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It looks like I won't get to the shore this year. Thunderstorms are being forecast so my niece cancelled the trip. I even got a dog sitter lined up for today. I guess I will have to be content on looking at my photos of the shore. I certainly have enough of them.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day.

I spend most of my holidays alone. It's not like it used to be. When I was young, there were always family picnics at my Great Aunt Fannie's farm. All of my grandmother's siblings, there children, grand children and some great grand children were there. We had a wonderful time playing games, running through the woods, listening to the stories by my Great Aunt Hester and everyone enjoyed the wonderful food. Sometimes we'd go for a swim at Kaolin Lake owned by my Uncle Ray's father-in-law.

After Aunt Fannie passed, some family reunions were held at the Small's Lake adjacent to Kaolin Lake or at Still Water Farm owned by my mother's cousin, Gene and his wife Alice.

When Ted and I moved to Vineland, we would go to Ocean City for the day. We loved going there. We went every Sat. from April to November. When my nephew, Rick got his house in DE, he would have family gatherings there but now his working schedule is such that he is unable to have them.

So here I sit at my computer remembering all the good times. Maybe I'll have a hamburger for dinner and share with Sparky.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Steeple Chasin"


This church is located in or near Bridgeton, NJ. I took the photo when my brother and I were doing the NJ Lighthouse Challenge.

One of my dear friends, Ruth, is very ill and it is very serious. I have missed Ruth's comforting and encouraging comments on my blog. She has been an inspiration to both Ted and myself. I just wish I could do the same for her. I lift her up in my prayers and ask anyone out there to do the same. Since facebook, I no longer have many followers on my blog. At one time, Ted and I had many followers but now there are only 2 or 3.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014


My grandnephew, Ethan and I on the Bohemia River with his mom, dad, and grandmother.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Flower Bloggin'


My hydrangeas were beautiful this year even though they are supposed to be blue. I put lots of Holly Tone and Miracid on them but I guess it's not enough. They do have a blue tinge to them. My concrete driveway changed the Ph of the soil which is acidic here. They lime leaches out of the concrete when it rains or snows. I planted a blue one out in the yard away from the driveway so we'll see how it does next year.

It's hard to believe the summer's over. I didn't get to the beach once this year. Ted and I used to go every Saturday. I miss those days.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I threw my back out Sunday after church. I was changing to go to Ethan's Birthday party and I felt it go out. It was Sunday so I had to wait until Monday to go to the Chiropractor. It was probably ready to go out because of the previous two days of doing yard work. I had to drag myself to the church office Monday and Tuesday to do some computer work. I wish they would find someone to help me. I have to do it all since Ursula is unable. My back is still somewhat sore today but I am walking better and I can get out of bed and up off the sofa without wincing in pain.

It is really a hot one today. The electric company put the brakes on my air-conditioner. It won't go on until the temp. in here reaches 80 degrees. This is only the second time this summer that they had to do that. I was wondering why it felt so warm in here so I looked at the thermostat and it said 79. It usually goes on at 78. I thought it was broken at first then I looked at the box beside my air-conditioner and the red light was on. I volunteered to have that put on as I get a discount on my electric bill. I thought two degrees wouldn't make that much difference. Wrong! It's not too bad as I have the overhead fans going and it will cool down quickly around 6pm.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Steeple Chasin'


This church I believe is in Tuckerton, NJ. We passed it on our lighthouse tour on our way to the Tuckerton Seaport Lighthouse. It is between Barnigate and Atlantic City.

I did more yard work yesterday and Friday. Weeding and mulching. I spread the mulch along the garden next to the road around the trees on the east side and weeded along the west side near the deck and patio area. I put some more white stones along the road beside the landscaping timbers near the fence. School has started and people park their cars there. Last year, I had a problem with people running over my flowerbed. Still so much more to do. I can't keep up with the darn things. I was exhausted all afternoon and even turned down an invitation to dinner. I had a large tuna hoagie for lunch and was feeling stuffed and bloated.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Flower Bloggin'


My hibiscus was beautiful this year. It has grown and had lots of blooms. Ted bought it for me at a farm market in Vineland. I brought it with me. The only problem is that the leaves have been eaten by Japanese Beatles. I didn't realize it until the leaves looked like lace.

I had my eye exam on Tuesday. All was well.

I have been weeding and mulching my flowerbeds. It seems to never end. I haven't gotten done from the spring. I was going to adjust my landscaping timber but when I started to pick it up, there was a garter snake sleeping underneath it. I gently put it back down. I hope it slithers away and hasn't begun hibernating.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Steeple Chasin'


This little church is located along the road between North East, MD and Charlestown, MD. I didn't get the name as it is a drive by photo.

Yesterday, I went to Middletown, got some gas for $3.329 and then to Lowe's. My phone rang several times while driving down the road. I didn't answer it until I got to Lowes parking lot. I don't know who the first two were from . Someone wanted to donate things for the Church Bazaar in Nov. and I was the only person she could think of to open the church. The other call was from my niece inviting me to go out on their boat. When I got home, the lady who wanted to donate things called again and said she sold all her stuff at the yard sale so I didn't have to meet her at the church. I walked Sparky and threw my stuff in my beach bag and went to Cheryl's. We had a nice day out on the boat. Cheryl's cousin on her mother's side, anchored along side us and the children played in the sand on the beach. The air was cool so I decided not to go in the water. I should have laid down and let the boat rock me to sleep for a nice nap. I enjoyed watching the boats, ducks, and other birds along the river. Cheryl's mother-in-law was there, too. It was a beautiful day with low humidity and felt a little fall-like. The summer will soon be over. Sad to see it come to an end. The children start back to school this Thursday.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Flower Bloggin'


I have a butterfly bush on each side of my sidewalk. I feel like I walk through a rainbow of butterflies.

Yesterday, I went shopping with my neighbor, Alice. We had lunch at the Chinese Buffet and then went to Boscov's. It's not that far but I dread going there with all the traffic. I wasn't too bad yesterday. I found some king size pillow cases which were on sale and a few other items. We went in Bath and Body but I found their prices way higher than Boscov's. The pillow cases were twice as much. They ranged from thirty dollars to seventy dollars.

Alice had a 20% discount coupon at Boscov's that she let me use so I got the discount and the sale price. Boscov's is great that way.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We had lots of rain yesterday. It started a drizzle in the morning and then it poured and poured all day. It changed from pouring hard to pouring harder. For a while, it was as my friend Marge puts it, "A real toad stabber."

When it let up slightly, I donned Sparky and myself in our raincoats and ventured out into the rain. He got soaked because he would shake and his raincoat would blow up toward his head and his back would get wet.

During the toad stabber, the rain came gushing off the roof where the gable is and shot out past the rain barrel. The rain barrel was already overflowing after the first five minutes of when the rain started.

I was able to do my work at the church and go to the CCEA with my food donation. I browed around the thrift store and got 3 pair of jeans and two king size pillow cases. They are hard to find. Even some king size sheet sets have regular size pillow cases. I got a couple really nice sheets from them at their spring yard sale but no pillow cases to go with them. They either didn't have them at the time or I didn't see them. Anyway, I washed them yesterday and have changed the sheets today. The bottom sheet is red, white, and blue stripe and the top sheet is navy. The pillow cases are navy. My walls are neutral so I can us any color for my bed.

got a lot of my ironing done during the afternoon.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014



This is a photo of the 10th Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA. I used to listen to their Pastor, James Montgomery Boyce, on the radio but he passed away about 10 years ago. I was intrigued by the name 10th Presbyterian Church. Many communities have First Presbyterian Churches but they are the only Presbyterian Church in the community. I know Philadelphia had a First but it was a colonial church and no longer exists. There is a colonial 3rd Presbyterian Church that I saw one time but was not open to go in when I was there.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Flower Bloggin'


My hydrangea's did well this year but they are supposed to be blue. They look pretty in pink but I can't seem to put enough Hollytone on them to make them blue. Ever since I had my concrete driveway put in, they have turned pink. I think lime leaches out of the concrete into the flowerbed.

My friend, Marlene came over this morning and helped me paint my deck. The man came to powerwash it on Wednesday. I thought he wasn't going to come for such a small job. I had my colonoscopy done Wednesday morning so I rested in the afternoon. The anesthesia made me sleepy. All went well with it.

Yesterday, I worked at the church office and I also worked there this morning.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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Monday, August 4, 2014


Sunrise over the water on the C&D canal. All summer, my friends, Alice and Sue, and I have been walking along the canal at 6am. This photo was taken in Delaware. We start very close to the Delaware - Maryland line. We sometimes walk east into Delaware passing this fishing pier and sometimes we walk west to Chesapeake City.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014



This is the Holmes Presbyterian Church where I grew up and where Ted and I were married.

Yesterday, I went to People's Plaza in Glasgow, DE to do some shopping. I went in the DollarTree to get a few things. I bought a bunch of items for the church's back to school mission and a few things I needed for the house. I always get more than I went in for.

Next, I went in the pet store to get Sparky's dog food. Then it was the Home Depot. I need some top soil to fill in a big hole where I dug out the Pompas grass. I planted a butterfly bush in there. My neighbor gave it to me but I fear it is a white one and I'd rather have a purple one.

Next to Walgreen's to pick up some medicine and school back packs for the church mission.

From there, I went to the Acme to get some food.

This morning, I went to church early to cut a check to give to someone. I should have done it on Friday but I wasn't sure what I needed to do. After the service, I counted the offering and went to a gift store across from the church. I bought a toy John Deer tractor set for my grand nephew's birthday. It will be coming up soon.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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