Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Today is Sparky's birthday. He is 4 years old. I adopted him 2 years ago. He's been a good little companion. When I first got him, his bark sounded like a cough. The Vet said he may be hoarse from being in the Humane Society Kennel for two month. It took a couple weeks for him to get his voice back. He now has a nice deep bark and sounds like a much bigger dog. I'm glad he's not yappy like one of my neighbor's little dog.

We only got a dusting out of the storm Juno. 5 to 8 inches was forecast. It's a good thing because our Choral practice would have been canceled and the music is very hard this time. We need all the practice we can get. It is very cold though with a nasty wind.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I had a sinus headache for several days. It finally cleared up. Saturday night, I went to the Chesapeake City Ecumenical Assoc.'s Gala held at Schaefer's Restaurant. I hadn't felt well all day but paid $40.00 for my ticket so I rested up all day and went. It was a very nice occasion celebrating 23 years of service to the community. It was very festive and the food was delicious. They had a good turnout. I left early because of my headache.

We didn't get much snow from Juno. Maybe a half inch on the ground. The bank called so I had to go out yesterday morning to see what was wrong with the deposit. I messed up the amount of cash deposited so fixed it at the bank. Then the amount of the check wasn't correct so had the teller fix that. When I got back to the church, I looked at the copies of the checks and found that I was correct. I went back to the bank and after calculating them on the adding machine, they had the same total as I had. The machine read a $500.00 check as $50.00. I have to wait until today for the main office to make the adjustment. It took awhile to get that straightened out.

Then, I had to run out around 3:30 to get my niece's husband and son as his truck broke down at Redner's Supermarket. I'll glad the roads were clear and I had cleaned off my car in the morning. The tow truck was there when I got there and Ed put Ethan's car seat in my car and put Ethan in it. I saw Ethan was shivering so I put a blanket over him. He seemed glad I did and watched the truck being cranked up onto the tow truck. Ed said it was the first time he ever had to have a vehicle towed. It was taken to his house. Ed was an auto mechanic so will fix it himself.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I got out early and went to the hardware store, the grocery store, and the pet store. I wanted to get my chores done before the storm. I had plenty of time as the storm didn't come until around 2pm. We got a couple inches. A neighbor boy, Garrett, came and shoveled my walks, drive and deck. It's good that the kids want to earn some money and it saves me from getting out there and doing it.

Sparky likes running around in it. He likes eating it, too.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I went to the church and got my helper, Laura started and was able to get in some of the exercise class. I walked Sparky several times today. I'm getting ready to go to Choral practice.

I got a new perm yesterday afternoon. It came out nice and curly. I hope it lasts for awhile. Uh oh! Pink sky out there. Storm is coming. I hope it holds off until I get home tonight. Time to get some dinner and get Sparky out before I go.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

I did some work at the church this morning. I walked Sparky several times and that was about it for today.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I got Sparky out just before the rain came. It was freezing as it hit the ground. Icy conditions were on the road so I decided to go to 11:00 service. I was a little late as the girl I take to church went back to bed and was late getting ready. We sat all the way in the back. It's the Contemporary Service and I just didn't feel like I was at a worship service. Children were crying, standing on the pews, shaking their bodies, running around, and so forth.

One kid pulled the page marker out of the Hymnal and was twirling it around like a cheerleader's pompom. At Communion time, the kid's mother asked if she wanted bread. The kid had no idea what Communion was about. One mother stood her kid on the top of the pew in front of her while the kid danced to the music. I was taught to be reverent in church. I guess I'm becoming an old Bitty.

I had ordered a sub from the church fundraiser. I ordered ham with no onions. When I got it home, an onion fell out. I tried to pick them out but they were in with the shredded lettuce and it was hard to get them all. I bit into one and couldn't get the taste out of my mouth all day. Yuk! The taste of the onion went through the whole sub. All in all, I was disappointed with the whole day.

It poured rain. We got almost 2 inches and it was a cold rain. I had to take Sparky out in it. We both would get soaked. I'm glad I got new rain boots for Christmas. They really come in handy. I wore them to church.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's been a while since my last post. I spent my mornings at the church getting reports ready for the Finance meeting and getting things together for the Trustee's meeting. I also had to do the regular stuff.

I wondered why my microwave was taking so long to be repaired so I called and found it was ready Dec. 11th. I said," No one called me." It turns out they send out a computerized call and there is a long silence before the computer voice comes on. I probably thought it was a telemarketing call and hung up. Dumb! Anyway, I went to Middletown to get the microwave. That was Tuesday.

Wednesday, it was off to the vet with Sparky. He was so happy to be going "Bye Bye" in the car until I made the right turn one mile down the road and he knew where he was going. He whinned and cried all the way there. I usually go straight at that intersection and up to the express way to go to my brothers. He needed his heartworm test and his lime disease vaccine. I also had the Dr. examine the scabs on his back. I had no idea where they came from. At first, they felt like warts but they scabbed over. I didn't know if he bit them, or scratched them or if he go caught by the storm door a couple times and it scratched him or if he had some disease as they were taking too long to heal. It turned out to be warts that were seeping. While he was there, I had his nails clipped and his glands done. I haven't taken him to the groomer since November because they shave him bare and it's too cold for that. I let his fur grow out in the winter and bathe him myself.

Thursday I don't remember what I did except to go the choir in the evening.

Friday, I cleaned in the morning and in the afternoon, I went to do some errands. First stop was the county office where I got Sparky's dog license. On the same road, was Aldi's Market. They were having a sale on ground beef. Next was the gas station at WaWa where the price was $2.059. Last stop was Home Depot. I needed a new bulb for my fiber optic tree and a long hose for my 2nd bathroom shower. That room is warmer than the master bath so I want to give the dog his bath there. It is a smaller room so he can't run away from the hair dryer or the towels. I hope to be able to get him dry before he rubs himself all over the bed and sofa.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

No Flower Bloggin' today


This is a photo of the snow last year. We only got 1.5 inches with the storm the other day but the cold temps. have kept the snow cover on the ground. Nothing is blooming this time of year except for a couple of my house plants. The snowdrops will be coming along soon. I have over 8000 photos on my computer so I hesitate to put more on. It was snowing when I took Sparky out this morning. A dusting was on the sidewalk. It's only supposed to be snow showers so it won't amount to anything. The wind is blowing. My pinwheel looked like it was about to take of. Sometimes, I find it on the other side of Bethel Road which is in the photo.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

It's been a cold few days. Tuesday, it snowed. I didn't go out except to walk Sparky. Wednesday, it was 19 degrees but the wind chill made it awful. We got about 1.5 inches of snow. Bethel road was clear but my road is private and they don't do anything about it unless there's at least 4 inches. The cars pack the snow down and it becomes icy and slippery. I walk along the edge where the cars have not driven but poor Sparky runs out onto the ice. He slipped a couple times. One time I heard his head clunk on the ground. He didn't yelp and he seemed to be OK. I wish they would salt or sand. I'm glad I live near the entrance and don't have to drive far on the ice. I went to the church to do some work in the office. It seems to never end. I'm tired of spending so much of my time there.

Yesterday, it was 8 degrees but there was no wind so it wasn't too bad. Sparky seems to love it out in the cold and snow. I got him a new coat for Christmas and I finally found one that fits him. It is a black and white herringbone with a black velvet collar. It doesn't pop off when I tug on his leash. That was a problem with his other coat. The strap around his neck wasn't long enough.

I didn't go out yesterday because after bundling up for the cold a couple time to take Sparky out, I had no desire to go out.

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Steeple Chasin'


The interior of the First Presbyterian Church in Chesapeake City.

I went to church this morning. I did the Advent Reading for the Epiphany Service. My young friend came with me and she helped by lighting the candles as I read about the coming of the Magi.

It is a dark miserable day. It was almost pitch black when I took Sparky out at 7am. There was no sign of the sun coming up. It is warmer today but the cold is coming after this rain passes through.

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Saturday, January 3, 2015

I was awake but not up when I heard a noise out front. I looked out the window and saw a car parked on the corner. Two guys were standing next to it and took a canoe off the top and crossed to the hunting grounds. I thought it was odd that they didn't go down the road to the entrance rather than try to bushwhack up the hill and through the brush. It seems they were dumping it there as they left. It was to dark to identify them or their car.

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Friday Flower Bloggin'


I had a pleasant surprise when leaving the church I saw mums blooming. They were at a shop across from the church. This is not the mums I saw but a photo I took earlier in October.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

I went to the church this morning to look over the year end stuff and get prepared to do my reports for the finance and trustees meeting.

Another cold and windy day for walking Sparky.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015


I started the year by walking in the Chesapeake City 5k Run/Walk. I walked the course which ran through Chesapeake City and along the C&D Canal and back through Chesapeake City. My time was 46:38.

This is a photo of my neighbor, Danielle running along the canal. I didn't know she was in the race. I found the photo on facebook. It was a good race with 141 people participating in the run/walk.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's been cold the last few days with the wind making it worse. It's not so bad if you don't have to go walking outside. Sparky doesn't seem to mind. It looks like it will be a quiet New Year's Eve. I did some more work at the church and went to Redner's Supermarket to get some groceries.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I spent the whole morning at the church entering the deposits, paying bills and getting the finances ready for the end of the year. It's hard to believe 2014 is coming to an end.

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Monday, December 29, 2014


Carol as my bridesmaid May 29, 1971

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Monday, December 29, 2014

I packed up Sparky and drove to my brother, Don's. I got him settled at Don's house and went to my friend, Carol's funeral. It was a lovely service Celebrating Carol's life. Carol was the organizer of Philadelphia German American Parade for many years. Philadelphia has a sister city in Germany who came to the parades. Three gentlemen from Germany came and spoke at Carol's service. I was deeply touched by this. The men ended their speech by facing Carol and saying "Auf Wieder Shein" (not sure of spelling) but means "Until we meet again"

I said a few words of our childhood together. I had to cut it short as I was too choked up to go on. I met Carol when I was 4 years old when my family moved to Holmes. We did a lot of childhood things together; played with dolls, doll houses, paper dolls, checkers, rode bikes and roller skated. We went all through school together. Carol was one of my bride's maids in my wedding. She will be missed by all who knew her.

Two of our friends, twins, were there, Rosie and Dottie. Rosie didn't stay for the service but Dottie did and I took her home. First I picked up Sparky and then dropped off a plate from Christmas dinner to my other brother and we went to McDonald's for lunch. We had to go to a drive in because I didn't want to leave Sparky in the car.

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