April 14, 2017

Wednesday, I did a lot of errands. First to the Laundromat to was the king size comforter. Next to Big Lots to see what they had for sping decorations. Next to Acme to get the ham for Easter dinner. Next to the gas station to fill up and on to the car wash. Next to Redner's to get the rest of my groceries. Asparagus was on sale. Home to do more weeding. I didn't see any Easter plants for sale along the road ways. I hate it that the Apple Barn closed. They had such wonderful plants at a reasonable price.

The Anglican Church hosted the Lenten Service. They had soup and bread and then had a Communion Service. My eyes bugged out when I saw them sharing the Communion Cup. I am a germ freak and I was aware of two people who had just had the flu. I was last in the line. I dipped the tip of my wafer into the wine and imagined I had a sore throat and was probable going to come down with something. I know, I'm paranoid.

Posted by tedkarol at April 14, 2017 8:54 AM
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