April 14, 2017

Thursday: I went to exercise class but no one showed up. I did a few things in the office and went home to do more yard work and wash. I heard a mower running around 1pm and thought that's odd as Juan usually comes at 5pm when he is done work. I looked out and saw my next door neighbor, Robin, mowing the lawn. We share the middle of my west yard and I have Juan cut along the side of her shed as she has never cut there. I had planted some purple cone flower there it was too late, she had already run over them. It was just the leaves so I think they will be alright. I had forgotten to mark them when I put markers out for Juan not to cut there. I quickly put a stake out next to the flowers and when Juan came later that evening, he saw them.

Off to church I went for the Agape dinner on Holy Thursday. It was a lovely setting with the partition decorated with little white lights and the Festus trees with their white lights. Marian had gone to Israel in February so had photos enlarged and posted on the partitions. She told of her visit to the Holy Land and how moving it was to walk in the places that Jesus walked.

After dinner, we had a lovely service with several stations. First, we dug our hand into a bowl of soil and pulled out a rock. The next station was to place the rock near the alter. The next station was to wash the dirt and sin off our hands and out of our life. The next station was to offer prayers to those we had concerns about. It seems my list of family and friends is endless. I picked the most pressing concerns, wrote their names on a slip of paper and hung it on the Prayer Tree. We sat silently in the pews while everyone finished their stations. Then we sang some hymns and were given the Benediction.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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