Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I spent my birthday by myself. Half my family was sick and some were away. Monday, my good friend, Frances took Sandy and I to lunch at Baker's Restaurant. Sandy's birthday was yesterday. It was very nice of Frances. She visits the shut-ins regularly and organizes a group to visit them. Yesterday, we went to Midge and Jim's. They have a waterfront home on the Bohemia River. It is sad, though as Midge is blind and unable to see the river. She can see shapes. She used to be able to see with a monocular but that isn't working for her anymore. She was so happy when she got that as she could see people's faces. Now she has to recognize them by their voice. Both she and Jim are in their 90's. Jim had a stoke and gets around OK but cannot drive anymore. They have to depend on someone to take them places. Roxanne was taking them to church but Roxanne has moved away. Roxanne still does cleaning for them but has given her notice. The church misses Roxanne and her husband, Dave. They did so much for the church. Dave did the lawn and much of the handy work in the church.

Spring is coming on slowly. They trees and flowers are about a month behind. The azaleas are starting. The bleeding hearts are in full bloom and so are the tulips. I don't have many tulips so I'll have to get more. I could use more daffodils, too. Much yard work needs to be done. I can't rake the leaves out next to the house for another week as the exterminator but bate down for the ants. They were horrid this year.

I keep covers over my comforter in case Sparky throws up. I might as well not bother as he always manages to find a spot on the comforter that is not protected. I have to take the king size comforter to the triple washer at the laundry mat. It cost about ten bucks to wash and partially dry it. It will fit in my dryer but I want to get it a little dryer before I bring it home. He did it again this morning. I had flipped back the covers when I got up this morning and had not made the bed yet. I heard him heaving but got there too late. he threw up a second time but I was able to get a scrub rag under him. He doesn't like me to put something under him; he keeps moving to try to hit the comforter. I don't know what he ate that made him sick. He was eating grass yesterday. He sometimes picks things up off the street and eats them before I can get it out of his mouth. Last night, he ate something on the sidewalk and in the dark, I couldn't see what it was or what was in his mouth. He clamps his mouth shut like a pit bull or swallows it whole.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Winter has returned. There was frost this morning. Thursday, I had the exterminator come to get rid of the ants. They were really bad this year. I would get rid of them in one area and they would come out in another. They were in my house plants. I soaked them with Dawn dish detergent mixed with water. It kills them but they came back in another area. I put all the plants out on the deck so the exterminator could get to the windows. Now they are all packed into the laundry room. I hope the weather warms up so I can put them back out.

The pollen count is extremely high as everything is blooming at once. Trees that bloom in early March were delayed but the cold and snow and now the trees that bloom in April are also blooming. Purple leaf plum and crab apple are blooming together. Forsythia is in full bloom as well as pear and apple trees. Flowers blooming are daffodils, and tulips are blooming together. Daffodils normally bloom in late Feb or early March. They ground was still frozen then.

The frozen ground didn't stop the weeds that grow all winter. I was out weeding Wednesday and Thursday and then spent yesterday sick with allergies.

I took my winter coat to the cleaners on Wednesday and needed it yesterday and today. I wore my long down coat that I call my storm coat. After weeding on Thursday, I couldn't get warm until I went to bed and turned on the electric blanket. I hope it warms up soon.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I got up at the crack of dawn. I had to get my house plants out and clean up because the exterminator was coming. I had an invasion of ants. They were living in some of my house plants. The rooms are nice and spacious with out them. I will have to cover them up as it is going down to 40 degrees according to the weather channel. I have seen it frost here when they say 40 degrees. Tomorrow night its going down to 36 so it probably will frost. Maybe I can put them under my house. I hope I don't have to bring them back in.

It turned out that the man grew up with my cousins. When he said he came from Manoa, I said, "Oh, my aunt lived there; Her name was McGarvey." You should have seen the look on his face as he recognized the name. Funny how it can be a small world.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's been awhile since I've been on my blog. I have been busy with yard work and other work around the house. Juan came and fixed my shed door. The wood was cracked and damaged where the hinge was attached and it wouldn't hold the screws. It had to be taken off and the hinge had to be moved to another location where the wood was good. He cut my grass the other day. It was the first cutting of the season. Everything is leaping out of the ground. I have been weeding the flower beds. I got one done by the front fence. It is the first thing people see when they come into the development.

The problem with being outside, it the pollen count is very high. Everything is blooming at once. Things that bloom early in Feb or March are blooming now and so are the things that bloom in April. Besides the sneezing and coughing, it makes me feel exhausted.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunrise Service


Chesapeake City Ecumenical Assoc. held Easter Sunrise Service at Pell Gardens next to the C&D Canal at the town dock. It was a beautiful site to see sun come up over the water as Pastor Pete preached the message. I took the photo with my phone so it didn't come very well.

It has been a busy week and I haven't had much time to spend on my computer. I had to do a lot of work at the church office. I had to get the March reports ready for the finance committee meeting. I also had to do quarterly stuff. It rained most all week so I didn't get any yard work done. I did some yesterday but haven't been able to get into my shed to get my tools. The door was frozen shut and my neighbor in her efforts to help me, yanked the door off the bottom hinge and bent the top one. I could hardly get it back shut and If I open it again, I know I won't be able to close it. Juan will be coming to put new hinges on. The wood has rotted at the bottom hinge so it can't just be screwed back on. I has to be moved and door hanging it tricky. Juan does a lot of handy work around the mobile home park.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I went out early to Lowe's and Walmart in Middletown. I needed a variety of things. I got a new light for my fish tank. It's an LED so will be more economical. At Lowe's, I got a variety of things that I needed for the house. I saw where Walmart had mulch for $1.80 ad bag so will have to go back and get some.

Spring is really late this year. I never saw it so late. The daffodils bare have buds on them and they usually bloom in late Feb. or March. The crocuses are blooming but that's about it. The flowering trees show no signs of blooming.

In the afternoon, I went to the Acme Supermarket to get some groceries. I got a ham for Easter and some asparagus. They were on sale. I still need to go to Redner's to get the bottles water and dog food.

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