April 20, 2017

I was worn out after hosting my Easter dinner. I got the leaves of the table put away and the table back down to it's regular size. I stacked up the chairs but they are still sitting in my kitchen. I have to take things out of the shed to put them back in. Right now, stuff is piled up like a Fibber Magee closet. I went to exercise on Tuesday and did the financial work for the church. Wednesday, I went to Bible Study but we mostly talked about Barb's sister, May, and the serious medical concerns she has been going through. Keep her in your prayers. May has had a hip replacement that got infected. She had to have it removed and wait 6 six months to replace the hip all over again. She went to a nursing home where she got some other infection and had to wait even longer so the nursing home sent her home. She finally had the hip replaced again and developed the same infection. She doesn't want to go through surgery again but the doctor's claim without it she will die. She feels she couldn't survive the surgery. She has been suffering for 5 years with this.

We had choir practice last night. Only a handful of us showed up. I am worried about the choir. John and Kay may quit. They are upset because John wasn't asked the sing "The Ancient City" for Palm Sunday. It has been a tradition for years for him to do this and everyone enjoyed it. The director likes to do things differently but I like tradition. It you want different then go to the Contemporary Service is how I feel. Anyway, I wanted to hang some towels out on the live but they are calling for rain. It was cloudy and damp yesterday and my clothes didn't dry. My dryer's not working. I think I moved it too far and pulled out the wire harness. I haven't had the energy to pull it out, hope over in back of it and fix it. I had to hang my clothes on the shower rack. Fortunately, I have two bathrooms.

Time to take Sparky out.

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Posted by tedkarol at April 20, 2017 5:59 AM