April 1, 2003

Blog's I Like to Read

A Soldier's Mother
He son was recently deployed to Iraq. She writes intermittently about how she is handling the worry and such. Sometimes very moving.

Boots On The Ground
This is a US soldier, currently serving in Iraq. He blogs occasionally and gives his take on how things are going.

Chief Wiggles
He is a Utah National Guardsman now serving in Iraq. He has put together a toy drive to give toys to Iraqi children. He is a deeply religious man that is trying to make a difference in whatever way he can. A worthy read.

Chrome Dome
This is the wife of a reservist. Her husband is currently serving in Iraq. She writes about what she hears from her husband as well as her own feelings about what is going on.

Citizen Smash
A naval reservist now not on active duty. He served in Kuwait during Operation Iraqi Freedom and for a while afterward. His blog is always good reading.

Dean's World
Dean Esmay writes about whatever floats his boat. He blogs a LOT. I don't know where he gets the time. Read it and sooner or later you'll find SOMETHING of interest to you.

Glenn Reynolds is probably one of the most popular bloggers on the web. A conservative bent, but good reading with lots of links to other sites and items.

The Noble Pundit
He also writes about whatever he feels like talking about at that point.

The CounterRevolutionary
He has lately had some newspaper clippings on the occupation of Germany right after WWII. They make for some interesting reading.

Reb' Blog
The Blog of Reb Orrell. A very distant cousin of Karol's. He also does web design for his company.

Iraqi Bloggers
I find the Iraqi blogger very interesting to read. Although their English is not perfect, it is far far better than my Iraqi. You can still know what they are talking about. I find their "voice" interesting to listen to. They have a way of putting words together that seems to soften everything they say.

Healing Iraq

Iraq at A Glance

The Mesopotamian

Iraq The Model

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