July 30, 2003

Thoughts on Same Sex Marriage

I've been reading Andrew Sullivan's Blog on the opposition to same sex marriage. A couple of thoughts. Andy is a self-proclaimed homosexual and an advocate of same sex marriage.

So called, "straights" consider homosexuality a behavior not an attribute like race, hair color, or height. You seem to take the position that homosexuality is NOT a behavior, but an attribute.

Let us presume for the moment that “straight” and homosexual behaviors are pre-wired into us and we cannot do otherwise. Then one shouldn’t be surprised at the hostility to homosexuality. “Straights” don’t have the option to operate otherwise, just as homosexuals cannot act like heterosexuals. If we are all pre-wired, then why condemn what cannot be changed?

Now I don’t happen to believe that. I believe we all have temptations to do things. I would suggest that most of those leanings are not good. I believe it is our responsibility to not give in to our darker side, but to do what is right.

One other thought. If the courts do decide in Andy's favor, and I think that is likely, it may set off a storm that will not abate. The problem with having the courts set new law, is there is no public debate that results in a vote on the issue.

That’s been the problem with abortion. The Supreme Court made up new law to legalize abortion. Had someone asked the people who wrote the constitution if they intended that, I’m pretty sure they would have said no.

But the court decision was not a public debate that resulted in a vote to change things. It was a decree by nine sovereigns. The result has been a war that has raged to this day. It is a war, by the way, in which the pro-life group is making ground. I would expect abortion to be either eliminated or severely restricted in the next 10 years.

Should some sovereign decree same-sex marriage, the same type of war could well result.

This has gotten too long – I apologize. Still, I enjoy reading Andy's blog; I just skip over the yuckier parts. He's a pretty good wordsmith.

Posted by Ted at July 30, 2003 8:39 PM