July 26, 2003

Yard Maintenance

Trimmed the hedge up today. It's a Privet hedge and so requires constant trimming to keep it under control. The only problem is, I really need to straighten it out. It's starting to get wavy.

I think I know how I'm going to do this. I think I'll get one of those laser pointers and mount it on a tripod at one end of the hedge. At the other end I'll just mount a white target. That's just to help me line up the laser pointer. Then when I'm cutting the hedge, I'll just wave my gloved hand around until I see the red laser dot. That way I'll know where the line is as I cut along the length of the hedge.

But if you've got a better idea, I'm ready to listen.

That's a project for the future, however. Still, whenever I stand at the end and sight down it, it bugs me.

Posted by Ted at July 26, 2003 9:24 PM