July 24, 2003

Maybe my take wasn't far off the mark!

Back in April I worried how we will get the Iraqi's to live together. I mused that maybe their joint suffering would bind them as one people.

This from Paul Wolfowitz on 7/24 after visiting Iraq, "We had a very moving meeting with the members of the town council and a few other independents that had been invited. When it came the turn of one old Arab to speak, in his black robes with the classic gold embroidery and a white kaffiyeh with a black band around his head, he began to talk about how "it wasn't just the Kurds who were oppressed by Saddam; we were all oppressed by Saddam." He thanked the president and the coalition forces for their liberation, and I thought, "Okay, and now comes 'we Arabs deserve consideration as well.'" And the most extraordinary thing was, this old Arab said the Kurds were driven out of their homes, and they're entitled to their homes back. I don't know if that's representative, but it was powerful."

Posted by Ted at July 24, 2003 9:31 PM