January 1, 2004

Fish Tank

We have a 20 gallon aquarium in our office. In that tank we have two fish. A blue Betta and an Algae Eater. I decided to take their pictures today, but it proved more challenging than I thought. The fish don't always sit still, I have to contend with reflections off the glass and the aquarium seems to confuse the auto focus in my digital camera. Anyway, here are the two fish.

This is the Algae eater. We call him (or her?) Flash. As he is almost constantly zipping around the tank. He is about two inches long. We bought him, when the tank got overrun with Algae. We really bought two, him and a smaller one, which we called "Little Guy." Unfortunately Little Guy died a few days after we put him in the tank. But Flash survived and in the next few weeks cleaned every speck of Algae from the tank. Now we have to buy food for him or we're afraid he might starve. He is the hardest working fish I have ever seen. He has grown about half an inch since we first put him in the tank.

Here is Big Blue. We acquired him and then someone gave us the tank. Where Flash occasionally stops and rests on the bottom, Blue, when he rests, hides in the plastic plants and makes it very difficult to get a picture of him. This one is poor, but it was the best I could do. He is about three inches long, not including his tail. This fish is the pickiest eater I have ever seen. We have tried several fish foods on him, but he will ONLY eat Betta Bites. If you feed him something else, he takes it in, and then spits it back out. I always thought fish would eat almost anything.

Posted by Ted at January 1, 2004 6:39 PM