January 9, 2004

A Day at the Client Site

I don't have much to blog about tonight. Just work related stuff and that’s likely pretty boring to talk about. I got 10 ½ hours of billable time in today. My Palm makes it a lot easier to keep track of my time. For example, travel time between the hotel and the client’s site is 16 to 18 minutes. When we had lunch, it was 1:04 and we spent 1:10 at dinner. The best part of the Palm time keeping system is that I can print a report of just how I spent my time today. I’m thinking about printing reports for all clients at the end of each month and then sending the report to them.

The time keeping program is not perfect, but it’s not bad either. They use an Access database. Perhaps I can use Crystal Reports to create my own reports out of it. That could be very cool!

Posted by Ted at January 9, 2004 9:28 PM