January 11, 2004

Cold Jog

It was a cold jog this morning. It was about 8º when I left the house and about 14º when I got home. The challenge in the weather is how much to wear. If I am comfortable for the first mile, then I really sweat profusely after that. If I dress so I’m comfortable after the first mile and a half, it is a very chilly first mile.

This morning I was about maxed out in my clothes. I figure the extra clothes increased the workout a little. The first mile was rather chilly, but after two miles, I didn’t feel too badly.

I ran a fat four miles this morning. That’s the longest run I’ve had in a very long time. I am increasing my mileage at the rate of one mile every two week. Last week I ran 11 miles. This week and next, my goal is 12 miles. I think I’ll stop my progression at 15 miles.

I checked my pulse rate last night as I was tripping off to dream world, and it was 56 beats per minutes. My goal is to get down to a resting heart rate of 49 beats per minute or lower. Many years ago, my resting heart rate was just under 40. I don’t think I’ll see that again.

Posted by Ted at January 11, 2004 9:58 AM