January 11, 2004

Out of Money

It’s frustrating when you run out of money. Here I was placing buy orders in Fidelity when I get the rude message, “The value of your order exceeds your funds available.”


That’s one of the limitations of trading in your IRA account. Your friend and mine, Uncle Sam, doesn’t let you use margin.

I just checked and I’m about 84% invested right now. I was able to place three out of seven orders I had planned on, when I ran out of cash. I was able to place buy orders on CCRD at $21.15, CMTL at $33.85, and MATR at $22.80.

I guess I should start downsizing my orders so I can trade more stocks. In theory, if I have a good trading system, the more stocks I trade, the more it spreads my risk.

Here’s how my current portfolio is doing.

ACO 14.10%
ARDI 5.21%
CYBE 16.45%
ESMC -5.13%
FARO 12.91%
KOSP 7.92%
LINK -5.45%
MSTR 1.62%
NFLX 4.24%
NVDA 4.73%
OIIM -0.04%
QSII 6.70%
XICO 0.40%
XXIA 4.05%
YHOO 43.13%

You don’t see PLCE, which I currently own. That’s because I put a sell order at market on it tonight. It’s down 6.46% from my buy and it’s also below its 50DMA. I also place stop loss orders on ESMC and LINK. Perhaps I should have just sold them outright to raise some cash for other buys.

Posted by Ted at January 11, 2004 9:29 PM