August 24, 2003

Another Sunday Another Church

Karol and I attended another church this morning. We were guests of two friends that previously attended the same church we did. It was similar to the church we attended last Sunday. It seems all the evangelical churches use the same format. A half hour of singing "praise" music, followed by a 30 to 40 minute sermon, interspersed with two or three prayers.

The sermon was lively with may jokes and audience participation. Still, Karol and I were just not excited about it. Everyone was cordial, but partly because our friends were there to introduce us.

So far, the one we like the best was the first one. The more traditional one.

Our search for a church as set me to thinking. Just what is the purpose of a church? To worship God? You don't need a church for that. To evangelize people? That would make a good purpose.

But what is the purpose of a church to those already converted and what is the job description of a pastor? More on this later.

Posted by Ted at August 24, 2003 7:59 PM