April 6, 2004

Iraq burning

It has been a very tough day in Iraq. American troops are bravely fighting intense battles. We have taken many casualties and we will take more, before this is over. I hate seeing Americans die in distant lands. However, much as I hate that, I’d rather see the battle on their terrain as opposed to ours.

We have the right people, the Marines, in place in Fallujah. They are professionals and they WILL pacify the city.

The fight in Fallujah, as I read it, is it a battle postponed from May 2003. The battle we expected then is happening now.

This Muqtada al-Sadr guy is going to be trouble. It appears we have much of ourselves to blame. From what I have read, we should have moved against him many months ago.

It appears we are suffering the sins of moderation. It is costing American and Iraqi lives.

My biggest worry is how the media will spin this. Will they put the worst face on it they can? Will they convince the American people to walk away from Iraq?

We cannot afford to loose Iraq. Terrorists all over the world are watching US resolve in Iraq.

Posted by Ted at April 6, 2004 8:54 PM