April 12, 2004

My Daily Market Order

It was an active day in the market. Two stop loss orders triggered and five buy orders kicked in. Here are the results as the dust settles. I sold EZM for an 8.5% loss and IVIS for a 4.1% loss. I bought ALGN at $21.40, IMDC at $56.24, KCS at $11.49, SAFM at $41.74 and SSI at $38.40. Of my new trades, ALGN looks the most promising. It rose 9.8% on twice-normal volume. It seems to be a good-looking breakout.

Now if I can just make and keep a few bucks on this trade. IMDC on the other hand, just touched my buy point (enough to trigger the buy order) and then sank. I’m already down 4.2% on that trade.

I’ll be placing tight stop-loss orders on all trades tonight as well as moving up any existing stop-loss orders, if that stock moved up.

UPDATE: I just place two more buy orders. I ordered AACE at $31.75 and ABAX at $22.39.

I'm a little frustrated. I had seven more orders I WANTED to place, but not enough money in my account. It really bugs me that I can't use margin. That would allow me to place twice as many orders as I currently can.

Posted by Ted at April 12, 2004 7:59 PM