April 15, 2004

Good news in the War on Terror

There is very good news in the War on Terror. UBL is waving the white flag. He is offering to spare the Europeans if they will not help the US.

This can only mean one thing we are hurting him. Your enemy doesn’t ask for help unless he needs it. It has been almost 2 ½ years since 9/11. In that time, UBL has been unable to mount another attack on US soil. You can blame Bush or not, but on September 12, 2001, if you has said we would go 2 ½ years without another attack, almost everyone would have said that wouldn’t happen.

Instead of attacking the US, I think UBL is throwing all his resources into Iraq. He is sending his people up against the best-trained and equipped forces in the world. His people are being decimated.

Handover of sovereignty to the Iraqis will occur on June 30 as planned. The terrorists are doing everything they can to stop that from happening, but they will fail.

Posted by Ted at April 15, 2004 9:28 PM