April 23, 2004

I love spring

I love spring. After the cold dark days of winter, the longer warmer days are a delight. The world is coming back to life. The dogwood buds are opening and the buds on our azaleas are swollen and starting to show color.

It also means yard work. Although it is certainly inconvenient, I like how the yard looks right after I cut it.

Every time I cut the grass, I use a freshly sharpened blade. I use a VERY sharp blade. I have found it really improves the quality of the cut. It mower even SOUNDS different, when I use an extremely sharp blade. The mower sort of hisses through the grass.

After fertilizing the grass last weekend and then getting four plus inches of rain (more tonight), I cut the grass tonight. When done, it looks really nice. The grass has a lush dark green color. It looks like a green carpet.

It gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I am a visual person. I like to be able to SEE the results of my work. I have found that to be one of the reasons I like doing reports for clients. When I print them out, they can look clean and give the client information, not just data.

It looks like I need to cut my privet hedge the weekend. It’s also a lush green color and it’s starting to look a little fuzzy. It’s loosing the sharp lines of a neatly manicured hedge.

I would also like to wash both cars and give them a second coat of wax to take them through to the fall.

Posted by Ted at April 23, 2004 10:04 PM