May 3, 2004

What is the truth in Iraq?

I’m torn about what to do about Iraq in general and Fallujah in particular. This hour-by-hour news reporting is tough on the psyche. I can only rely on Bush’s record of choosing good people and then delegating the decisions to them.

Bush as shown himself the Harvard MBA he is. He lets his people run their business. If they aren’t effective, he fires them and gets someone that WILL do the job. Witness his hiring and then firing Paul O’Neill. O’Neill couldn’t do the job so Bush replaced him with someone that could.

I can only hope that he doesn’t change his behavior now. He has a lot more data about the situation than I do. All I have is the reports from the news media that would love to see us defeated in Iraq.

Posted by Ted at May 3, 2004 9:33 PM