May 6, 2004

Do you believe in ESP?

I was watching the Discovery channel last week at my hotel. They did a very interesting experiment. They took one set of identical twins. They were girls about 10-years old.

One twin was put in a room wired up to a polygraph machine. The other twin was several rooms and floors away. They synchronized the clocks in both rooms as well as cameras. In fact, they had three cameras synced up: One on the wired twin, one camera on the un-wired twin, and a third camera on the polygraph readout.

Then they blindfolded the unwired twin and put her hand in a bowl of ice water, within a few seconds the heart rate of the twin wired to the polygraph machine increased dramatically.

Then they removed the blindfold and flashed a light at the un-wired twin. As before, the heart rate of the wired twin increased dramatically.

Lastly, they popped a balloon behind the back of the unwired twin. In that case, the heart rate of the wired twin actually skipped a beat.

It appeared that one twin reacted physically to stimuli from the other twin, even though neither had any physical contact with the other.


Posted by Ted at May 6, 2004 9:05 PM