May 10, 2004

Trip to Virginia

Friday night Karol had Dasher-2 fueled and packed by time I got home. We had dinner, then fired the main engines and launched for Virginia. We went out Route 40 across the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

There we picked up I95 and headed south. We went through the tunnel under Baltimore and then picked up the 496 Beltway around DC. From there we picked up Route 66 until reaching 29 and then to our host’s house – Cheryl and Owen Green. We arrived about 2100 hours.

I was ready to take Route 66 all the way to California. But since we weren’t driving a Corvette, it wouldn’t have been right. A Honda Accord doesn’t have quite the same panache as a Chevrolet Corvette.

The next day we toured the Manassas Battlefield. Two battles were fought there. They had a movie about the battles in the visitor’s center. My only complaint was, they didn’t interrupt the movie with a map of the action. It was confusing and hard to follow. What one does come away with is the cost in lives. I was also truck by the eloquence and dedication in the letters written by the soldiers. It’s a commodity hard to find in today’s cynical “looking out for number one” world.

Sunday morning we attended church services with our hosts at St. Timothy’s Catholic Church. It is a very nice church. I was a little disappointed by the homily. It seemed ad-libbed. Ad least there weren’t a lot of uh’s and um’s.

After lunch, we visited the Air and Space Museum. Upon entering, we were given a guide. I quickly developed an attack plan and we went through the museum in about 75 minutes.

Then we returned to base camp and fired the main engines for the return trip. Dasher-2 glided into the home strip about 1700 hours.

I will say this, Cheryl is an excellent cook.

You can view photos of our trip by clicking here.

Posted by Ted at May 10, 2004 9:32 PM