May 20, 2004

John Kerry - Sheesh!

The more I see and especially hear John Kerry the more obtuse the man becomes. The man is a dunder-headed arrogant a**. There is just no other way to describe him. He thinks he’s so smart. I’ve met his type before. They think they’re so smart and they have no reservation about telling everyone just how smart they are.

A man wiser than me once said, “A truly smart person, hires people smarter than himself.” I can’t see Kerry doing that. I think his ego would get in the way.

The military has a rule, three purple hearts and you can request to be transferred out of a war zone. Kerry got his three in what, four months? Then he requested and was transferred out.

He was a commanding officer. Yet, when the first opportunity came along, he bugged out, leaving his men behind. I feel that’s rather bad form for a CO.

I also wonder, just how badly he was wounded. The official rules for a purple heart are, the skin must be broken.

Posted by Ted at May 20, 2004 10:14 PM