September 14, 2004

One reason Bush is ahead

I like to read success coach Tony Robbins. He says there are three factors that make for a successful Presidential candidate.

1) Physical attraction. Is the candidate good looking? Since I’m a guy I don’t rate male looks very well, unless their stone ugly. You’ll have to ask Ms. Smash about that. Although Kerry does bear a striking similarity to Lurch.

2) The sound of their voice. If you listen to them speak over the radio, how do you like the sound of their voice. I think Kerry has this just boring voice.

3) Emotion. Can they move you emotionally? I don’t think Kerry can move himself emotionally. Have you seen him on the stump lately? He looks like he’s just going through the motions. Bush on the other hand looks like he’s on fire.

I vote Bush the winner, but I’m a Bush supporter.

Another blog I read is rabidly (I make sure I have my rabies shots before reading it) pro Kerry. The people posting to this blog sound dispirited. I think much of the Kerry camp is seeing the handwriting on the wall.

Bush leads in Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin and by a point in Pennsylvania. The Democrats can send their lawyers home. It won’t be close. The conventional wisdom is wrong again.

Posted by Ted at September 14, 2004 7:26 PM