April 4, 2005

How do we know right from wrong?

Some point to evil as failing of Christianity. They ask, “If God exists, how could he allow the existence of evil?” However, that would be a fallacious argument.

If there is no God, how do you know evil exists at all?

If there is no God, then anything goes. However, it is only if God exists at all, that we can say evil exists. As C. S. Lewis said, “How do you know a surface is straight unless you have a straight-edge to measure it against?”

If we really did evolved in a cold pitiless indifferent world, then right and wrong have no meeting. Darwin teaches us that in this type of world, the weak fall under the strong.

I would argue right and wrong could only be measured if there is a supreme being. A supreme being that hands down that measuring rod by which we may know right and wrong.

This is not to say that even with this measurement that we do right instead of wrong. In fact, we frequently do wrong rather than right. But we do so, knowing we are wrong.

Posted by Ted at April 4, 2005 9:39 PM