April 9, 2005

The Official Opening of Grass Cutting Season

I cut the grass for the first time this year. You can see a better photo of the results by clicking on the thumbnail. I put a nice edge on one of the mower blades. I pulled the old blade off the mower and replaced it with the freshly sharpened one. After cutting the grass, I put the just removed blade to the grinder and put a nice edge on it.

When I sharpen a mower blade, you can almost shave with it. I found it does a much nicer job of cutting the grass. The mower even sounds differently when cutting the grass. Usually I just need to put the blade to the grinder once in the season, and then dress it up with a hand file before each cutting.

It is a beautiful spring day. The temperature is in the low 60’s. I need to have the yard de-thatched and sprayed with Weed-B-Gone. I also need to do some seeding.

Posted by Ted at April 9, 2005 2:45 PM