April 30, 2005

Seasonal Backyard Blogging

I took this photo this morning out the back upstairs window. As you can see, it is lightly raining. The Dogwoods are about in full bloom right now. You can see the Vorlon Wife’s white Dogwoods on the left and a little right of center you can see the neighbor’s pink one.

Almost dead center in the photo is the neighbor’s Redbud. The Vorlon Wife has had rather bad luck with Redbuds. They grow for a while, but after a few years, they see to get some kind of disease and die off.

The trees are a little further along. Our Tulip tree, left center, has a ways to go, the Red Maple seems completed leafed out, and the Sycamores, upper right, are just starting.

As you can see, my hedge needs trimming. I bought new hedge trimmer last weekend, but I don’t think I want to go out in the rain to use electrically powered hedge trimmers.

This is a very colorful time of the year for Vineland, New Jersey.

Posted by Ted at April 30, 2005 10:16 AM