June 19, 2005

An Evening at Ocean City, NJ

The Vorlon Wife and I went to Ocean City, NJ last night. We had dinner on the Boardwalk, walked a good length of it and back again, and got home about 10:00 pm. The picture you see here is looking north along the shore at the Music Pier.

This photo is three stitched together. I seem to have trouble getting good panoramas at the shore. I think the continuously changing waveforms messes up the software.

There was a slight land breeze last night so it was actually quote warm. I think it was cooler at home than down to the shore – an unusual circumstance. One of the effects of the land breeze, aside from making the shore warmer, is the waves are greatly reduced. I took a photo, which you can see on the right. Notice how completely calm the ocean is with the waves breaking almost on the beach and they are very smooth. It was almost eerie.

As always, just click on the thumbnail to view a larger image.

Posted by Ted at June 19, 2005 8:42 PM