June 26, 2005

Return To Base

The Vorlon Wife and I just returned from Hedgesville, WV. A distance cousin to the Vorlon Wife hosted the Orrell Family Reunion yesterday. I piloted Dasher-2 down and back. We left about 09:45 Friday and arrived at our destination about 13:45. Traffic was excellent. We left this morning and glided Dasher-2 onto the home strip about 14:00.

I have quite a few photos to post, but that will take a while. I’m packing and doing my preflight on Dasher-1 as we speak. I’m set for launch about 16:00 for North Jersey.

I am setting up camp at the remote firebase so I can be on-site for combat operations at 08:00 tomorrow morning. I am scheduled to return sometime this Wednesday. Should you Email me, do expect a quick response.

With luck, I will have the photos of the weekend posted by next weekend.

However, I have scheduled something to post each day in my absence. I hope you enjoy it.

Posted by Ted at June 26, 2005 2:20 PM