July 18, 2005

An Exciting Day

At my last dental checkup, the dentist found a cavity forming. This morning I went in to have it drilled and filled. I went in at 08:30 and was out by 09:30. I always try to get the first appointment in the morning. My theory is, if I have the first appointment, there is less chance that an emergency will put my appointment back.

About 10:30, I noticed my tooth was starting to complain. It was mild at first, but as the day wore on, the complaint got louder and louder until it rather consumed my whole attention.

I made on call in the morning and then another later as the situation seemed to be going downhill. The dentist’s receptionist called me back and told me to visit the Endotontist for a 13:00 appointment.

I showed up promptly. An hour and a half and $1100 later I was out and pain free – even after the Novocain wore off. My first root canal and it wasn't too bad. I just wish they would give you a blow by blow as to what they're doing. I think that would make the experience a lot more intersting.

I still need to go back in about two weeks and they finish up the top of the tooth.

Posted by Ted at July 18, 2005 8:27 PM