July 30, 2005

I'm Doing a Customer Upgrade this Weekend

This weekend has a few work related tasks. I’m migrating a customer’s Great Plains from the Pervasive database to the Microsoft SQL database. After that, I’m upgrading him from 7.0 to the current version 8.0.

Weekends are a good time to do this as the customer is usually shut down and I can do everything remotely. Most of the time is work for an hour and then let the computer crunch for a few hours. Doing this remotely is the ideal way. The only drawback is I need to stay close to home most of the time.

In this particular instance, I attempted this last weekend, but they had a power outage part way through my work. This weekend I cleaned out all the previous work and have restarted it. So far so good.

Posted by The Vorlon at July 30, 2005 3:34 PM