September 2, 2006

September 2 Final Update

The storm passed through last night. As you can see in the attached photo, all we got was a lot of small branches from the trees and a lot of leaves. We got about 2 ½ inches of rain from the storm. Last weekend we got 7 ½ inches of rain. I have turned off all my automatic watering for the Vorlon Wife’s flowers. But I will probably need to start again in a week or so, unless we get more rain.

I have wanted to have the yard de-thatched and then over seeded. When I DO get it done, I will probably get no rain at all.

We passed one property where a large tree had been uprooted. Fortunately for the homeowner, it came down in the middle of their yard and not their house.

In our tulip tree we’ve had a large piece of deadwood that had broken off and was just hanging in the branches. At over 25 feet in the air, I had now way to get it down. To my delight, the wind last night brought it to the ground. Now I don’t have to worry about it falling on my head.

The Vorlon Sister called tonight and we had a long conversation with her, one of the Vorlon nieces and the Vorlon Brother-in-Law. We haven’t spoken in a long time and we had a nice conversation. The Vorlon niece is doing some PhotoShop CS work.

I was pretty tired most of today and I am really ready for bed. My feet, ankles and calves are still puffy, but not worse. In fact, in the morning they seem a little more normal. I still hobble a lot when I walk.

Finally, I’m off to bed.

Posted by The Vorlon at September 2, 2006 9:03 PM