August 4, 2007

Saturday, August 4, 2007

For some reason, my entry for last night went in twice on the site but there was only one entry one the page where I Create it. I deleted the entry and both were deleted.

I wrote how busy I was at work yesterday afternoon. Linda went to a meeting and I was alone in the office. I had five people come in for various things and three lines lighting up on the phone. I thought I was going to go nuts. Otherwise, it went well.

The kennel Danny stays in had an invasion of ants. They covered his food bow. When I picked it up, they got all over me. Erica had to spray and rinse it. The next day, I could smell the spray so I knew the smell would be even stronger for Danny. Erica put him in another kennel. They have six or seven kennel pens. They used to breed collies.

It was very hot yesterday. It didn't cool down at night. The air conditioners are going full blast. It is just as hot today.

I took Danny out at six but he didn't go far. I did some things around the house until I could cut the grass at nine. It was hot then. After I rested and cooled down, I walked Danny. He didn't go too for that time either. I guess it's too hot for him. I went out to run my errands. I got some stamps and mailed my letters at the Post Office. I returned the curtains at Boscov's. I got some paper at Staples for the Nature Club Programs to be printed on. I went in Wal-Mart and got and ironing board cover and vacuum cleaner bags. I browsed through the Pet Store. I’m looking for a toy stuffed bone like one that Danny has. He likes one particular on and not others. He also likes the beanie dog that one of Ted's clients gave to Ted when he was in the hospital. It is the color of her dog named Bonnie so I named the toy Bonnie. Danny knows it by name. He also knows the purple toy bone as either bone or toy. He knows the word Walk and is always ready to go.

I did my grocery shopping at the Super Market in the complex I mentioned above.

I had some lunch and am cooling down. I hope to paint the kitchen wall and that closet in the laundry room this afternoon so I'd better get going.

Posted by The Vorlon at August 4, 2007 2:50 PM

Hi Karol,

I'm experimenting to see if my comments get entered to you today. Ruth

Posted by: Ruth at August 4, 2007 5:06 PM

Hi Karol,

I can't figure out what could have happened yesterday that I wasn't able to post on the blog, but, I guess it's all better today. Must have been a really bad hair day in the computer world because as you mentioned your entry posted double. I'm glad we're back in business.

Hope you're able to get your painting done today. I'm sure glad you noticed the ants in Danny Boy's food. Yuk! We noticed a big infestation of ants inside our son's garage the other day. There didn't seem to be anything on the floor. Maybe they just thought they'd all congregate there for a little ant conference. My son ended their meeting abruptly with some spray.

We are still longing for rain. Every yard is so brown. It really chages the way homes look when everything around it is brown rather than our usual lush summer green. Yards are at least something we can live with, it's the crops that are really suffering. I'm just not sure what will happen with all the stunted ears of corn that are hanging limply from the stalks. A bad year for farming. I guess it could be used for animal feed, but that surely wasn't the plan.

On the other hand, it sounded like you got lots of rain, enough to cause a few problems. There must be a happy medium somewhere.

Reading about the horrible bridge collapse in MN makes the weather seem a small concern. Such a horrible thing to happen. I think of the panic and fear those people must have felt as this unbelievable thing was happening to them. Our prayers will be needed even for the survivor's. They will undoubtedly live through a few nightmares. It truly test's ones faith. My thoughts are with the families.

Hoping very much that your weekend is good Karol. My best to you, Ruth

Posted by: Ruth at August 4, 2007 5:36 PM