October 20, 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I am blogging this morning so I won’t have to pack my laptop. Things at work are still hectic. Things always seem to have obstacles. I did hire a new person to help in the office. When we get her up and going, we’ll hire another.

Danny had tow new dog friends at the kennel yesterday. One was a Chocolate Lab and the other was a little white poodle the size of Danny. The tow little dogs barked and growled at each other. They calmed down after awhile but they did not like each other. Danny seems to like big dogs.

I will be getting a new perm at noon and then I’ll be off to PA to go to my reunion. I have my stuff packed because I’m not going to have much time. I’ll be on a tight schedule. I’ll have to get dressed for the reunion before I leave and I’ll have to walk Danny before leaving. I’ll have to walk him again when I get to Don’s and I want to drop my suitcase off at Rick and Sylvia’s. I’m not sure whether I’ll leave Danny at Don’s or with Ricky.

Sunday is the Holmes Presbyterian Church’s 100th Anniversary celebration. I signed my family up for it. There will be a luncheon afterward.

I got my clothes ironed and ready for next week. I may have to buy some food for lunches. I got Danny a new bag of food and he still has some cans of food.

I need to pack up his stuff for the weekend, too.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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